Woodpecker Product Review: A tool to save your business time in follow-up emails

Author:   Sup Prangthip Prakobkit
Are you looking for a tool that can upgrade the game plan of your cold email marketing? Today, we are reviewing Woodpecker, an email marketing automation tool that takes the tasks of following up emails off your shoulders.  
Woodpecker was founded in 2015, when a group of entrepreneurs were manually sending mass emails and follow-ups. To scale up their outreach, Woodpecker was born to meet this very need. This tool aims to help B2B companies specifically with cold email follow ups.
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Key Features 
Easy to use 
Woodpecker is easy to use and set up. Its intuitive UI makes it easy to write email automations even for a beginner. In just a few clicks, you can schedule a follow-up email to be sent after  3 days if you haven’t heard back from your contacts. You can even choose for your follow-up emails to be sent within the same thread. 
Woodpecker has a framework that guides you in setting up automation within 5 to 10 minutes
Woodpecker has a framework that guides you in setting up automation within 5 to 10 minutes

Integration with existing tools 

 The tool offers integration to your Gmail, Outlook or other IMAP account within seconds. A new alias can be easily created and an email signature can be imported to all the emails sent out.  It can also be linked to Pipedrive and many other tools.

Woodpecker Integrations
Some of the applications you can link to Woodpecker.

Personalise your message & automation

According to studies, personalized email messages can improve click-through rate by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.  Woodpecker lets you personalize your messages through the use of custom fields and snippets to merge information from your contact base to templates.

On top of that, it keeps your emails from being blacklisted as spam. How? The tool’s algorithm is programmed to send emails out at an irregular frequency, similar to how we would do them manually! 

Send with confidence 

Ever send out duplicate emails with automation because you accidentally have the contacts on the list who have already replied? Woodpecker has your back. The tool automatically detects duplicates and removes them from the prospect list.It also avoids sending the email to non-existing addresses to reduce your bounce rate. This makes sure you don’t get blacklisted as spam. 


Woodpecker automatically detects duplicates, where you can have a say on what to do with them.

Easy to understand your performance 

Woodpecker provides all the stats needed from open rates and reply rates. It also tracks the amount of clicks on your links. What stands out about Woodpecker is the ability to label replies as ‘interested’, ‘maybe later’ or ‘not interested’, so that you can keep track of which test works and which ones can be further improved upon.


Woodpecker provides results that are easy to understand, from your open rate to your bounce rate as well as the ability to mark the performance of your campaign as ‘interested’, ‘maybe later’, or ‘not interested’.

Great customer service 

 Stuck on something? Woodpecker has a collection of instant answers where  you can easily find a solution to your problems. If you really need help, their support team is available and will respond in a quick and effective manner. 

 In summary

With its ease of use and performance insights, no wonder Woodpecker has been claimed by many entrepreneurs as the unicorn of cold email marketing.If you are interested, woodpecker comes at a start- up price of $33 per seat, with a team package of $42. Considering the amount of emails you can send out and the value it offers, the pricing is relatively low.

Woodpecker also offers a free 14-day trial; enough time for you to test and see if this tool is a right fit for you. No credit card is required upfront. Unlike many other tools, there are no long-term contracts. It is pay-as-you-go and can be cancelled or down-graded at anytime.

 Part 2 :  Interview : Cathy Patalas, Chief Growth Officer at Woodpecker on the secret to cold email marketing

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